Product Description

Our dogs get it. They love life and have a knack for making the most of it. They take us on wild rides, sniffing out excitement at every turn, then they’ll kick back and remind us to soak in the scenery. If they could tell us what they believe in, we’re pretty sure it would boil down to these six things.

Nutrition fuels our pet’s healthy lives and outdoor adventures, so it’s only fitting that we give them treats that support their fun-loving attitude. This is why all of our products are crafted with the health and nutrition of your pet in mind.

Based in Durango, Colorado, we’re passionate not only about pets but also about the outdoors—those big, wide-open spaces where dogs and their people can go to feel alive. But you don’t need mountains in your backyard to stay active with your dog, you can find adventure anywhere.

Your dog is your devoted companion. Being as loyal to your pet as they are to you is a tall order, but it sure does make life better. From shop dogs to seeing eye dogs, having your best friend at your side is as good as it gets. It’s this passion for pets that shapes everything we do at Zuke’s.