Product Description

ModaPet, Inc. is owned by NorthStar Investors, Inc.. Prior to developing ModaPet, NorthStar Investors owned Drinkwell®, makers of the Original Pet Fountain. Drinkwell® was sold in 2010 so NorthStar started ModaPet to maintain a presence in the pet product industry.

As there are already many bowls in the marketplace today, ModaPet worked with several designers to create unique products that address the needs identified by end users. The bowls would need to be durable, dishwasher safe, and include non-skid elements.

ModaPet achieves all of the above and does so at reasonable price points. Value is the goal. The bowls are made of ABS polymer that is food grade and BPA free. The material allows for a durable end product. We use a specialty manufacturer that is very familiar with ABS and also manufactures aquariums. The finish on our bowls is a beautiful glossy look, often compared to glass or porcelain.

The base is a TPE polymer. This material meets all of our design objectives. The TPE is soft, similar to rubber, to aid in the non-skid feature. In addition, TPE is overmolded to the ABS for a solid bond. The overmold makes our bowls dishwasher safe. If rubber were used, then the base would be glued. Glue would break down after a couple of dishwasher cycles.

The bowls are designed by individuals with backgrounds in the pet industry, but also the medical field, sports, and other diverse orientations. The bowls are intentionally free of bones, paw prints, and whisker motifs. The designs are rich and clean. The price points for other pet bowls on the market can range from a few dollars to over $100. ModaPet has price points that provide style and rich appearance, retailing from $14.95 to $29.95.