Product Description

Oh, the story of LICKS®. Where to begin…

As a health aficionado with an active lifestyle, she holds the same high standards for wellness for her beloved dog, Dora.

Through an intensive process working with a team of respected veterinarians, the concentrated formula was hand crafted in Amy’s kitchen. The potent liquid vitamins® in LICKS® contains only human grade, American sourced, 100% All Natural ingredients. The ingenious portable packaging evolved from months of home and field trials at dog friendly locations and events. Amy and The Pet Hydration People didn’t have to search far for discerning taste testers. Dora represented the hardest to please customer percentile—little spoiled angel-faces. The nutritious, highly flavored formula was consumed directly, added to food and dissolved into water at home or on-the-go. The result of months of research and development is LICKS® Liquid Vitamins®.

This revolutionary crossbreed of treat and vitamin ensures that [with the addition of a single LICKS® packet] food is eaten, hydration needs are met, and daily doses of vitamins and minerals are delivered at home or on-the-go.