Product Description

Since I was a little girl I’ve always liked making new things out of old stuff. From dolls out of corncobs to stepping stones out of broken plates, I’ve always had a knack for keeping things out of the trash.

Between mountain biking, road biking, and commuting I spend a lot of time on my bicycle; which over the years has yielded a lot of flat tires.

In my spare time, I spent many hours and days working on how to re-use my piles of old deflated tubes. I started making leashes for Regan when she was a puppy and continued to refine my designs and products that became favorites among my family and friends.

Our goal at Cycle Dog is to create the world's best dog products with a focus on the environment and to raise awareness of the millions of bike tubes thrown into landfills every year. Cycle Dog products are proudly made and tested in Portland, Oregon.