Product Description

Ark Naturals is the leading manufacturer of health, remedy and lifestyle solutions for pets from head to tail. For over 16 years, Ark Naturals has provided the most complete line of wellness and remedy products of the highest quality.

Susan Weiss is the President of Ark Naturals Products for Pets. She started the company over 15 years ago as a pioneer in the natural pet category, a category which at that time was virtually non-existent. Her mission was to create an alternative to inferior pet products made with drugs and chemicals.

Ark Naturals has evolved into one of the best known and most respected brands of natural pet supplements. The product line has grown to approximately 30 natural health, remedy and lifestyle products which are sold in stores throughout the world.

Susan is a founding member of the NASC (Natural Animal Supplement Council) and has shared her extensive research and knowledge to numerous leading pet publications.